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Emancipation Inclusion and Exclusion: A Look Into Slavery in Brazil.

Brazil was the last nation on the Western Hemisphere to outlaw slavery, by the time slavery had been abolished in 1888, an estimated four million African slaves had been imported into Brazil, making up 40% of the total number of slaves brought into the Americas. The images above display the faces of the driving force behind Brazils economy for centuries. 

After outlawing slavery in 1888 Brazil initiated a national campaign known as branquemento, translated into English as “whitening,” with the purpose of whitening the face of Brazil. Brazil attempted to accomplish this by inviting white immigrants into the nation as well as encouraging Blacks to marry whites. Through inter-marriage the Brazilian elite was hopeful that the Brazilian population would acquire lighter skin. 

Despite Brazils numerous attempts to make the nation appear whiter and less Black, today 50.7% of the Brazilian population or 97 million Brazilians identify with their African ancestry for the first time in it’s history since records began.

"People are no longer scared of identifying themselves or insecure about saying: ‘I’m black, and black is beautiful.’"

- Elio Ferreira de Araujo, Brazil’s minister for racial equality, describes why there is a rise in the number of Brazilians who identify as Black.

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