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March 5, 1871: Marxist Revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg is Born.

The Marxist theorist, revolutionary and founder of Die Rote Fahne (The Red Flag) was born in Vistula Land, Russia on this day in history.

Rosa Luxemburg was later killed by the Freikorphs (a German anti-communist paramilitary unit) on January 15, 1919. She was thrown in the Landwehr Canal in Berlin. Rosa Luxemburg’s death made her a martyr for the cause of an international socialist revolution.

The leadership has failed. Even so, the leadership can and must be recreated from the masses and out of the masses. The masses are the decisive element, they are the rock on which the final victory of the revolution will be built. The masses were on the heights; they have developed this “defeat” into one of the historical defeats which are the pride and strength of international socialism. And that is why the future victory will bloom from this “defeat.” ‘Order reigns in Berlin!’ You stupid henchmen! Your order is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will already raise itself with a rattle and announce with fanfare, to your terror. I was, I am, I shall be!

- Rosa Luxemburg’s last words, written on the evening of her murder. 

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