I'm Angel and this blog consists of history, politics and personal posts.

i crave connectivity, i crave to be touched, to touch, but those i seek don’t seek me and those that seek me i don’t seek. 

i think of myself to be rather intelligent but what a fool i’ve become as my intelligence has grown. 

Four Types of People

1. The feminist who believes in equality between both men and women within the current capitalist structure.
2. The dude who isn’t a feminist because he’s a sexist patriarchal piece of shit.
3. The person who doesn’t identify as a feminist because they don’t care.
4. The person who doesn’t identity as a feminist because they believe that western feminism focuses and emphasizes more on equality between men and women within capitalism, rather than focusing on justice that ensures the destruction of capitalism, a system in which whether a man or a woman is at the top has no effect on the fact that the institution will still keep on being oppressive towards a majority of the population, including women of color which feminism tries to present itself as its liberator.

Pro tip: don’t lock yourself away because other people treat you like shit. You are an amazing human being and the fact that you are here is a testament of how outstanding and unique you are. You will meet many assholes along the road, just make sure to pick yourself up after they throw you down. Don’t place your permanent happiness on temporary people. Learn to be your own lover.

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